Hospitality Assistant

What the job involves

Hospitality assistants are responsible for ensuring the welfare and comfort of visitors at events, e.g. conferences, and on sites such as hotels. Tasks include preparing rooms before visitors arrive, welcoming them upon arrival, seeing to their needs during the event and helping to tidy up afterwards. You will also be expected to be familiar with the emergency procedures for your site and assist in the case of an emergency.

Personal qualities

You should be good at working in a team and also be willing to act as an ambassador for your organisation. Experience in customer service is also desirable, and excellent communication skills are essential. In addition, you should be able to work in a busy environment and maintain professionalism under pressure.

Working conditions

You will spend quite a lot of time on your feet when working at events and functions, often being required to work evenings, weekends or even nights, so flexibility is vital. You are likely to work as part of a large team and encounter people of all ages and backgrounds, potentially working with young children at some events.

Qualifications and training

Experience in customer service is highly valued for this role and an Apprenticeship or NVQ in Customer Service, such as those offered by CAW Business School, will be attractive to employers. However, formal qualifications are not usually essential and sufficient experience in handling customers face-to-face and dealing with cash transactions is highly valued. A First Aid certificate and DRB check may be required in some cases.

Getting into the profession

Hospitality jobs can be found in a variety of places, i.e.:

Salary and benefits

Typical salaries for hospitality assistants lie between £14,000 and £18,000 a year. Some posts will also provide accommodation and/or food.


Opportunities exist to progress from hospitality assistant to duty manager or front of house manager, which can offer better pay.

Further information

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our career profiles, however we advise that you check with the relevant college/university/organisation that you are intending studying with in regards to current entry criteria.