Case Study: Vicky Virgo

Courses undertaken at CAW Business School

Level 3 Diploma in Medical Administration

Vicky Virgo Medical administration studentVicki Virgo is currently (June 2017) working towards the Level 3 Diploma in Medical Administration with Comberton Surgery, working as a Medical Secretary. We asked Vicki to share some of her experiences about her time on the course so far.

I am currently undertaking Medical Administration Level 3 course with CAW. I started this just before Christmas.

Having only done the course for a short while, I haven’t got far into the process but I am enjoying what I will learn as it will challenge me but in a good way which will help increase my knowledge at work and also improve my skills as a secretary. The variety of the course is good as there are units that I know I can easily complete because I do what they are asking to do on a day-to-day basis, but there are also units that are harder and will need more thought and time put into them. However, at the end of it I will be more knowledgeable which is always good and could help expand my current job role.

At the moment I am happy where I work and very grateful they are allowing me to do this course during work time, I am doing the course to enable me to have a qualification in my current job role and maybe progress in areas that I am not so familiar with.

I have found the exams challenging. Being 31 I left school in 2001 which was 16 years ago so going back to learning and maths (which I avoid as I’m not very good at) has and will challenge me a lot but my tutor is very supportive and aware of my difficulties and does everything that she can to support me and come up with solutions if problems arise. I like how friendly everyone is at CAW and that if I am stuck they are always there to help. I never feel like I have to do something I’m uncomfortable with.

I highly recommend this course to any other secretary in the medical business or even someone looking to become a medical secretary as you will learn a lot, especially on the medical terminology side which is always a huge benefit as I have learnt my knowledge from just doing my current job for the past 3 years so to gain extra is always a bonus. CAW is a lovely company to do this with and so far I am enjoying what I am doing and learning.

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