The Google Analytics Tracking Code Generator

Version 4 (18/04/2019) by S.Cooper


If this is a campaign spanning multiple days and/or mutiple social media posts, emails, etc then:

  1. Keep these campaign details the same throughout your campaign.
  2. Then update the Source, Medium, Content and Desination URL sections to generate new tracked URLs.

Otherwise omit this 'Day' field and write the month name as the campaign name.

The date that the campaign starts

The name of this campaign, e.g. July, Head Nurse Congress 2019, etc.

Do not include any special characters. Spaces are allowed and will be converted into dashes.


The referrer, e.g. social or a search engine. Selecting 'Social' will generate several links at once.

If the referrer, is not listed, select 'Referral'. A referral is a tracking link placed on a website that points to another website.

If the tracking link is placed on a website and points to somewhere else on the same website, select 'Internal'.


The type 'source'. Use 'CPC' for all paid ads/affiliates and 'Referral' for any external sites.


The date of the; email, social post , etc.

A description of the 'source', e.g. what the social post is about or the title of the email/blog-post.

You may use spaces, dashes (-), pipes ( | ), or forward slashes ( / ). All of which will be safely converted into a URL string.


An optional single keyword or long-tail keyword (separated by +). Used for paid search.

Desination URL

The destination URL (include http:// or https://)