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Our leadership and management courses, accredited by the ILM, are a convenient combination of study weekends and online learning. They will develop your skills and confidence in making management decisions and enhance your professional status as an effective leader and manager.
ILM qualifications have been designed with a strong focus on workplace performance; aiming to create well-rounded managers with a proven ability to work to high standards.

When you undertake an ILM course you will receive free studying membership with the ILM which will give you access to a range of invaluable tools and resources. Studying membership lasts the length of your programme or a minimum of six months.

Subject overview

Our range of leadership and management training courses, awarded by the ILM will cover the skills and knowledge needed to become a good leader and manager. The course consists of an effective combination of study weekends and online learning, allowing you to continue to build up your CV and work your way up the career ladder.

Why choose to study Leadership and Management at CAW Business School?

  • Flexible study options

Our ILM leadership and management courses are an effective combination of study weekends and online learning. This allows you to attend college and study towards your chosen qualification around your current job role.

  • Gain real long term job prospects

If you are serious about developing your career, an ILM qualification can take you to the next level; proving to you and your employer that you have the skills and ability to take on new responsibilities as a manager.

More managers take qualifications from the ILM than anywhere else, and, being internationally recognised with the opportunity of gaining post nominal letters, an ILM qualification can transform your career and fast track you in to management.

  • Supportive and professional tutors

We pride ourselves that, not only are our tutors qualified teachers, but they have academic qualifications and extensive experience in the subjects they deliver. They are passionate about helping and supporting you to develop solid leadership qualities and achieve your formal qualification.

Why study leadership and management?

Leadership and management opportunities exist in all sectors and organisations. Without trained staff with effective management and leadership styles, businesses will almost certainly fail to thrive. By undertaking management training courses, you will gain transferable skills that can be applied to many situations and job roles, providing you with real career progression opportunities.

“I have found the Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management invaluable. The support and encouragement offered by the staff is brilliant and the blended learning allows me to plan my studies around my work commitments.  The study weekends are filled with informative and well structured sessions, Emma is an excellent lecturer, and these weekends offer a great opportunity to network with others in a simulated role.  I would strongly recommend this course to anyone in, or progressing to, a management role”. 
Holly Cooper, ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management


Leadership and management is the foundation of every great business; the skills you will learn on our management courses are relevant across many industries. As such career opportunities for qualified managers are wide and varied. Examples of management roles include: