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  1. three illuminated bottles - safe night out tips

    Think smart: Keep your night out running safely!

    The facts speak for themselves: the more you drink, the more likely you are to do something risky or put yourself in dangerous situations. Nobody wants an otherwise fun night out ending with lost phones and money, fights or even a visit to A&E or the police station – make sure you’re following these steps to a […]

  2. bookkeeping and accounting evening courses

    UK Living wage rises to £8.75 per hour!

    The UK living wage, which is paid voluntarily by more than 3,600 employers, will rise 3.6% to £8.75 per hour around the UK and 4.6% to £10.20 in London, against a backdrop of rising transport, food and housing costs. The rise in pay is set to benefit more than 150,000 workers who work for companies which have […]