Stress and Conflict

OnlineTue 18/06/202409:00£554.5Human Interaction

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This session will be looking at understanding and managing both stress and conflict within the work environment.

We will cover a wide range of topics related to stress, including discussions on the causes and impacts of work-related stress, recognizing symptoms of stress in oneself and others, how stress affects both work and personal life, and the responsibilities of management in dealing with work-related stress.

Additionally, we will look at practical stress management techniques, available sources of support for those experiencing stress, action planning and review methods, and the distinctions between counselling, advising, and mentoring and when to use each of these to support individuals. The principles of counselling and mentoring, as well as the mentoring cycle, are also explored.

We will also discuss the various counselling and support mechanisms available, the importance of confidentiality, and factors contributing to internal conflicts and interpersonal friction in the workplace, including bullying and harassment.

We will go on to discuss the effects of conflict on performance and individuals at work, the stages in the development of conflict, and the manager's role in minimizing and resolving conflict using specific techniques. We will also address different strategies for creating harmony at work and fostering a positive work environment.

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