Short Courses & CPD


Thu 25/04/202409:00£554.5Staff DevelopmentOnline

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and examine how to enhance motivation in your team in order to improve and increase performance in the workplace.

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Effective Communication and Feedback: Enhancing workplace interactions

Tue 21/05/202409:30£20+VAT3OperationsOnline

We will explore strategies to navigate various communication challenges, enhance your ability to express yourself clearly, listen actively and build strong relationships professionally.

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Empowering Growth: Coaching, mentoring and staff development

Thu 06/06/202409:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to support and empower individuals in achieving their full potential.

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Harmonising the Workplace: Mastering conflict and managing stress

Tue 18/06/202409:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

This webinar will help you to recognise, manage and resolve stress and conflict; supporting you to build resilience in your team.

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Navigating Change: Strategies for effective change management

Thu 25/07/202409:30£20+VAT3OperationsOnline

Explore the barriers to change and establish how to facilitate change effectively, fostering agility, resilience and innovation within your organisation.

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Project Management

Thu 08/08/202409:30£20+VAT3OperationsOnline

Explore the factors that will ensure you deliver projects on time, within budget and meeting the needs of the business.

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Leading with Efficiency and Effectiveness: Navigating team dynamics

Thu 22/08/202409:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

Effective leaders know how to adapt their style to suit the needs of the team and the situation. Learn how you can manage effectively, foster collaboration and maximise team performance and satisfaction.

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Operational Excellence: Management and objective setting

Thu 26/09/202409:30£20+VAT3OperationsOnline

Ensure objectives are relevant to individuals and the organisation as a whole. Build in metrics and criteria for measuring progress and take your team with you to success.

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Impactful Briefings and Presentations

Thu 24/10/202409:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

Discover how to make your presentations engaging, persuasive and memorable using visual aids effectively to enhance understanding, and retention and knowledge of information.

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Self-Growth in a Professional World: A webinar on personal development

Wed 13/11/202409:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

Take control of your personal and professional development. Identify areas for growth and take action towards becoming the best version of yourself. Create a positive mindset embracing resilience and growth.

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Understanding and Managing Finances

Wed 11/12/202409:30£20+VAT3OperationsOnline

This webinar will look at managing the financial aspects of a business, analysis of finances, budgeting and forecasting, and making informed financial decisions.

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Mastering Meetings: Effective meeting management

Wed 15/01/202509:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

Enhance the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of meetings in professional settings. Facilitate and participate in meetings that achieve their objectives and drive organisational success.

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Decoding Problems: Effective techniques for problem solving

Wed 12/02/202509:30£20+VAT3Staff DevelopmentOnline

This webinar will equip you with the mindset, skills and techniques necessary to approach problems systematically, creatively and collaboratively; developing effective solutions that drive positive outcomes and innovation.

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