Leadership and Leadership Styles

OnlineThu 22/08/202409:00£554.5Staff Development

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This CPD session will look at understanding leadership and will explore the different leadership styles you may come across in the workplace, or chose to adapt to when managing different team members.

We will look at the fundamental qualities that define effective leadership; looking into the roles and responsibilities of a leader and understanding the core attributes that make great leaders stand out, as well as discussing the differences and similarities between leadership and management, and the need for each.

Looking deeper at leadership models, we will explore at least three (such as trait, contingency, situational, distributive, servant, oblique leader, transactional, and transformational leadership) and their significance in shaping task performance, organizational culture, and interpersonal relationships.

Leadership behaviours and the sources of power will be analysed, along with identification, development, and appropriate selection of personal leadership styles and behaviours. We will also discuss the pivotal role of trust and respect in effective team leadership, and we will engage in supervised practice and simulations, allowing you to develop the skills and confidence needed to lead effectively in real-world situations.

This course aims to empower you to tailor your leadership approach to fit the specific needs and dynamics of your team.

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