Move Up the Career Ladder

Why are you not moving up the career ladder?

Do you want to get promoted to the next step? Perhaps you would love to lead your own team or become the department head? You know you can do the job and you deserve a promotion but you just feel that it’s never going to happen. Wrong! Stop making excuses and overcome these commons misconceptions that are preventing you from progressing.

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You haven’t got enough experience

If you think you haven’t got enough experience for your dream job then volunteer. Why not ask your boss if you can shadow a more experienced colleague? Alternatively get trained by taking a qualification, this will show your boss you are keen to progress up and you are capable of doing so. If you think you may not be able to afford a qualification then think again. CAW Business School provide a pay-as-you-learn option to make learning affordable. You can study many courses without the need to be away from your current role too!

My boss doesn’t like me

Ask yourself honestly – would there be a reason for this? Make sure your attitude is in check. Don’t complain or gossip. Take any critique on the chin, there’s no need to be defensive! Perhaps in the past you may have failed to deliver on a promise, if so step up to the plate and prove yourself. Give your boss a reason to have a great perception of you.

You’re overlooked

Get noticed, but for the right reasons of course! Ask to head up a special project and don’t be afraid to take on extra responsibility. You want to be the first person your boss thinks of in a crisis as they know you will get the job done; this will mean that when there is an opportunity for a promotion you should be first in line! Always be honest with yourself. If you are not prepared to go the extra mile then the reality is, perhaps you’re just not ready to climb up that ladder. So remember, don’t make excuses, get qualified and get your dream job!

Learn to have confidence in your own ability and lead a successful team by studying an ILM Leadership & Management with CAW Business School to help you reach your goals.