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Coaching and Mentoring Case Study – Lucy Tunnicliffe

I was given the opportunity to take the course by my employer and jumped at the chance.  I have worked with students before so I knew what was needed but to have a structure was fabulous.  The taught sessions and the breakout rooms with others on the course helped us all to learn from each other.  These sessions helped me to look at things holistically and understand the theory behind the work I do with students. 

The concept of contracting with my coachee was a revelation to me.  While daunting at first it allowed both parties to identify the purpose of sessions and be aware of the boundaries.  I always implement this now and see this as a benefit to all involved parties. 

Diagnostic tools such as learning styles helped me to understand my coachees better.  This meant I could tailor the sessions to better meet their needs.  Listening skills helped me to allow sessions to progress without interruption.  I know I would not have done this before I completed the course. 

Working with my coachees has helped me to develop my skills and re-establish goals when needed.  I am proud of the development I have seen in my coachees and am motivated to continue to learn and improve.  I have developed my style and encouraged coachees I work with to explore solutions available to them rather than giving them answers.  This helped them to grow in confidence. 

I found the GROW model allowed me to pursue a holistic approach to coaching sessions.  This supports the continuous process of working with students over a period of time.  I liked the flow of this model which allowed me to move backwards and forwards within the process.  This works well in my role. 

Reflection was an important part of the course for me.  Identifying where my development needs were.  I realised I wanted to fill silences in the early days, I learnt silence was ok.  To explore using open and probing questions encouraged the coachee to talk.  Recognising the distinction between coaching and counselling and when referral is appropriate.  The feedback process helped me to improve.  I have learnt a lot about myself throughout the process.  Completing and revisiting my own SWOT analysis has helped me see how much I have improved.  Seeing my coachees grow is hugely motivating.  Once I have had more experience I am even considering a level 7 qualification. 

Looking at what I would change in the future; definitely my own organisation and preparation in advance of meetings, utilising templates and standard forms.  I would also pre-book sessions to give a more formal structure to the process.  Changing dates is ok if you have an initial plan. There is more chance of each session going ahead and being fore structured and focussed.  

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