Do you know what your customers really want?

Posted: 9 November 2015 at 1:34 pm | Author: Laura Morris

The honest answer in a lot of cases is no.

Without knowing your customers, and I mean, really knowing them, how can you expect to break through the everyday noise in order to capture their attention?

The key to getting to know your customers is to profile them and build a buyer persona. Knowing their demographics is just the start. Whilst this is useful information, it is necessary to dig deeper. Find out what other interests they have – are they into food or football? What is it that they really value?

Find out how your current and potential customers interact. Is there a particular social media channel that they are active on? If so share information that they may find interesting – not just information about your own business.

It is important to discover what their deciding factor is in choosing your product or service above another. In some cases this may be price or location, for others this may be the level of support offered or product reliability.

Finding out this information is not always easy; however you may already have more information than you think. Ask your sales team and customer service team for their input. These are the individuals who interact with your customers and will have inside knowledge that potentially isn’t recorded.

Check out your statistics from the digital channels you use i.e. Facebook insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics – this could help start to provide a picture. It is likely you will need more information than you currently have, consider surveying your current customers and find out the answers you really want to know.

Some businesses have a couple of complete characters and even give them names as shown in the example below:

Building up a buyer persona allows you to really segment your prospects and produce personalised marketing activities for your different prospects. This will result in a targeted and more cost effective approach to building your potential customer base.

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