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  1. mobile phones

    Could mobile phones be putting our health at risk?

    Did you know that around 93% of adults in the UK use mobile phones? While it seems harmless to pick up your phone and send a text to your friend, is it? The radio waves produced by mobile phones are non-ionising electromagnetic radiation, a low form of energy. Current research suggests that it’s unlikely these […]

  2. AAT apprenticeship or university

    AAT Apprenticeship or University – Which is best for you?

    Are you interested in becoming an accountant or working in finance? If so, you might want to consider an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification. It will allow you to gain practical skills and knowledge, work experience, a wage and a qualification – all at the same time! So, why could an AAT apprenticeship be […]

  3. health and fitness tips: addictions

    Health and Fitness Tip of the Month: Addictions

    When people hear the word ‘addiction’ they tend to think of gambling, alcohol or drugs. However, addictions come in many different forms and can include things such as food, shopping and internet etc. People also often believe that addictions are the addict’s fault and it is easy for them to stop. This is not the […]

  4. social media

    Is social media as bad as we’re lead to believe? – World Social Media Day 2018

    With 83% of the UK population now regularly using social media, it’s clear that these channels have had a big impact on our lives. Many people are now suggesting that social media can negatively impact our lives. Poisoning our minds with unrealistic body images and gossip about celebrities lives. Is it taking us away from communicating with […]

  5. Looking for your first job in an office environment? Start your job search at our Apprenticeship Recruitment Day!

    CAW Business School is delighted to be running a new Apprenticeship Recruitment Day at its centre in Godmanchester on Wednesday 1 August 2018 for those looking to find a Business Administration, Customer Service or an AAT Accounting Apprenticeship job. During the day we will not only be providing general help and advice on job seeking, […]