Pay as you Learn Scheme

Our ‘Pay As You Learn’ scheme allows our students the option to pay course fees (excluding professional or awarding body fees) on a monthly direct debit basis (requires a UK based bank account) or by monthly recurring payment using a credit or debit card. Professional and awarding body fees are payable in full before the commencement of the course. Please note, students studying overseas will be required to pay by monthly recurring payment using a credit or debit card.The monthly payment will be collected during the second week of each month, in advance of the month of learning. The first payment at the start of the programme will consist of two months’ worth of payments; comprising of the first month of the programme and the advance payment for the second month.

If a payment is missed, the payment must be paid by credit/debit card or bank transfer within 10 days of the normal payment date and, in accordance with the College’s terms and conditions, an administration charge will also apply. In cases of non-payment the learner will not be allowed to continue on the programme beyond the last day of the month already paid for.

The ‘Pay As You Learn’ scheme, unlike paying in full at the start of the programme, requires payments to be made only whilst you are on the programme. Therefore if you complete your qualification ahead of time, or leave the programme before completion, the payments will stop and no further payments are required. The quicker you achieve the more money you save.

On the other hand, if for some reason you need more time to complete your programme then your monthly payments will continue to be paid, possibly beyond the originally planned programme end date, until the date on your qualification certificate. This means that you could pay more than the amount of the single course fee that was offered to you at the beginning.

In the case of those students undertaking an apprenticeship, payments will continue until the date shown on the full apprenticeship certificate.

The ‘Pay As You Learn’ scheme is not a loan scheme and interest is therefore not charged.

WARNING: The ‘Pay As You Learn’ scheme is NOT a payment by instalments of the single course fee offered at the outset.  Opting for this payment scheme could cost you more in total course fees than was offered to you at the start of the programme.  If you stop payments before you have finished your course then you will stop receiving learning.

Pay As You Learn Terms and Conditions – Direct debit payments
Pay As You Learn Terms and Conditions – Credit/debit card payments

Pay As You Learn Refund Policy – The College of Animal Welfare reserves the right to cancel a course at any time and to offer an alternative date, a credit or a full refund, without liability for any consequential or indirect loss. Employers who have paid on behalf of a student will not be entitled to claim a refund should their student subsequently leave their employment after the course has commenced. All such matters are between the employer and their employee.

Pay As You Learn accepted methods of payment:

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