Facebook Interview Tips Roundup – September/October 2017

Posted: 5 October 2017 at 1:39 pm | Author: Alison German

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Interview Tips

Attending interviews never seem to get any easier, no matter how many you go to. But this is the opportunity to show the employer what you have to offer, and demonstrate how your skills and experience match the role advertised. It is also your chance to get a feel for the employer and find out whether you see yourself working for them. Remember – you’ve made it this far, so it is important you take all the advice you can and make a good first impression.

Positivity is key!

Try and be positive about your skills and experiences gained in the workplace, the interview is not a place to insult previous employers or moan about difficult periods of employment. If you’re struggling to be positive about previous work experience, be constructive instead; explain what you learnt from difficult situations and how it made you a better colleague or employee.

Be on time!

Ideally you should be 5-10 minutes early, but don’t be the person who is late! This immediately gives off the wrong impression; if you can’t be on time for the interview, your employer may wonder whether you’re capable of making it to work on time.


Interviews never seem to get any easier, even if you’ve been attending them for years. But a friendly smile will always go a long way towards seeming more confident, even if you have to fake it until you make it for a while.

Look sharp!

Appearances matter, so make sure you plan what you’re going to wear before the day of the interview. Don’t wear clothes that you’re uncomfortable in, or shoes that you’ll find awkward to walk in. Interviews can be stressful enough without the added discomfort!

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