Are you feeling lonely?

Posted: 22 July 2015 at 10:16 am | Author: Laura Morris

If you are a sole trader running your own business or the only person in your department within a company, the chances are that you have felt alone at some stage.

It can be really difficult working by yourself. Where do you get your inspiration from? Who do you turn to when you need help or advice? If you are the only person doing your role in a company does anyone else really understand the challenges you are being faced with? However, fear not because there are things you can do to stop the isolation.


Networking and Events

There are a number of industry specific events you can attend that mean you can gain new knowledge and understand the latest news that may impact your role or business.

There are a huge number of networking events that take place weekly or monthly which all have slightly different formats. Most of these networking events are free to attend and therefore it could be worth trying several until you find the one that best suits what you’re looking for. Some offer an open forum to discuss the issues you are having, others are purely to allow you to pitch your business and make referrals to others.



Make the most of expert forums or groups. For example LinkedIn offers a number of groups where you can get advice from other like-minded people. Start discussions on the topics you want to find out more about and engage in conversation with others.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you are also able to check out the experience of the person who is offering the advice, this means you can make an informed decision as to if you feel they have the knowledge to give guidance in the area you need.



This can be an excellent way to prevent you feeling lonely. This involves being able to work in a shared office so you can get all the benefits of interacting with others.

Co-working or hot-desking can mean you are able to work in a professional environment whilst sharing skills with other professionals.

By getting out and about you never know who you may meet and what opportunities may arise!


The most important tip in preventing you feeling alone is to ASK! Just because someone is not in your industry it doesn’t mean they can’t help. It could be that because they are less blinkered by previous experience they can offer a fresh perspective. Remember, the reality is that the only person who is really making you feel lonely is you – so make the effort to get involved in the plethora of opportunities that are available!

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