Are you too busy to listen?

Posted: 14 July 2015 at 8:10 am | Author: Laura Morris

Perhaps you are either ‘too busy’ or maybe you just think you know best so you don’t want to listen to someone else’s opinion. I’m sure this is particularly the case when someone tries to give you advice that you haven’t asked for!

The funny thing is I bet most of you get frustrated when you are trying to explain your product or service to someone else and they just won’t give you the time of day to explore what value it could bring to them!

We should all stop and ask ourselves, where would be if we never gave anyone the opportunity to explain alternative ways of doing things. The chances are we would never find out about new innovative ways to help save money or time!  A clear example that you may have seen is the picture below which demonstrates this very plainly!

Next time someone tries to offer some advice, remember that they might just have the secret to making your business more profitable!

If you’re the person giving the advice, make sure that you get to the point swiftly, explaining the benefit succinctly. Do remember though that your solution won’t be for everyone so don’t be offended if they’re still not interested!

Perhaps we should all be just a little bit more open minded and listen to what others have to offer – we might be surprised at the benefits that could bring!

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