The 3 “S something O’s” to ranking higher…

Posted: 6 July 2015 at 7:55 am | Author: Sami Cooper

Improve the visibility of the site or page in organic (unpaid) searches by…


[Site Quality Optimisation]

Enhancing textual content for the benefit of your users.


[Search Engine Optimisation]

Ensuring your site or page is clearly understood by search engines.


[Social Media Optimisation]

Enable content by making it shareable and enhancing your social standing.

So where do I start?

Begin with a site audit (SQO). Look at things like:

  1. Structure – Create an obvious hierarchical page structure and build in your navigation.
  2. Content – Create substantiated, accredited and quality content that’s accurate, easy to understand and appealing.
  3. User Experience – Make it attractive, robust and accessible (for various devices and disabilities) – “Create Happy

Then optimise your site (SEO) ensuring your code meets the latest standards. Half the work is already done as your new quality content will speak volumes to the search engines.

  1. Great content begs to be shared. Make this easy for your users by building in social pointers and sharing your work through your own social network routes.
  2. Performance – Make your site fast by cutting the code fat and compressing images to the point of breaking. Remove all your dead links and broken pages, redirecting users appropriately.
  3. Ensure your URLs are meaningful (with words) and follow your hierarchy.

Finally (SMO) – be active in social media – tell everyone your story, about the work you’re doing and the industry your involved in.

  1. Find out what social media sites your customers are using the most and focus your efforts there.
  2. Share content from others to your own followers and follow others: partners, sources of inspiration and motivation and sources of joy and excitement. Be conversational and engage with your followers. Ask questions, gather feedback and run competitions.
  3. Keep to a schedule – Be reasonable about the quantity and volume of social content that you can produce.

Now what?

After completing this process, continually monitor your status, making improvements as you go. Then after a period of time repeat the audit once again, with refreshed ideas, a better understanding and a new mindset.

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