Briefings and Presentations

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This course aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of making professional presentations, often required by a manager or potential middle manager.

You will acquire the skills to identify both the aims and objectives of your presentation, and the intended audience, ensuring your message is clear and focused and tailored to meet their needs. You will learn how to present your subject matter with authority, supported by facts and at a level of understanding that resonates with your audience.

Research and information selection will be a critical part of your toolkit, enabling you to provide well-informed and engaging presentations. You'll discover strategies for planning the content and structure of your presentation, including the creation of compelling visual aids and materials.

We will discuss what you may need to consider when preparing the location for the presentation and any equipment which may be required, ensuring a smooth and professional delivery.

We will also guide you on the art of responding to questions from your audience, fostering engagement and interaction along with how to use feedback from your audience to assess and enhance your ability to plan and structure professional presentations. You'll also learn to implement improvements based on feedback, ensuring continuous growth and success in your presentation endeavours.

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