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  1. health and fitness tips september - sunset on a beach

    Health and Fitness Tips of the Month: September

    Forgiveness When somebody or something makes you unhappy, you have two choices. You can dwell on hurtful events and situations, or you can accept what has happened and focus on moving forward. It’s easy to hold onto resentment, but studies show that forgiveness can lead to a range of health benefits. These include healthier relationships, […]

  2. library books - english functional skills courses blog

    International Literacy Day (8 September) – How an English Functional Skills qualification could transform your life!

    Today is International Literacy Day! Roughly 12 percent of the world’s population is considered functionally illiterate, with only basic or below average literacy levels in their native languages. What’s more – 781 million people worldwide cannot read or write at all, including 126 million youth.* Functional illiteracy is not just a problem limited to developing […]

  3. hand reaching out - how to help charities without money

    International Day of Charity (5 September) – 5 ways to make a difference without donating money

    International Day of Charity is the natural day to think about how we can support people who are less fortunate. Donating to charity is the most immediate way to help improve life for others, but not everyone has the money to spend. The good news is that money isn’t the only way you can make […]

  4. three women in a meeting - interview tips blog

    Facebook Tips Roundup – August/September 2017

    Join our Facebook page to be the first to hear our latest tips and advice! Interview Tips Attending interviews never seem to get any easier, no matter how many you go to. But this is the opportunity to show the employer what you have to offer, and demonstrate how your skills and experience match the role advertised. […]

  5. business apprenticeships in cambridgeshire blog

    Got your GCSE results? An apprenticeship could be next!

    Weighing up your options after receiving your GCSE results can be challenging, especially if your original plan is no longer feasible. If you’re unsure about what to do next, why not consider an apprenticeship? Starting out as an apprentice is a great opportunity to earn money, develop new skills and gain a recognised qualification – […]