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  1. picture of tape measure

    People put their effort into what is measured

    The level of instruction and guidance that you give to your team will no doubt vary depending upon a range of factors such as how big your team is, how experienced they are and the complexity of the tasks at hand. Depending upon your own personality you will have a preference for a leadership style […]

  2. Two people shaking hands

    False promises…

    As a manager you need to remember that you are influential. You are impacting upon people’s career choices, day-to-day life and ultimately their well-being. According to a recent report1, only 58% of employees feel that their line manager is genuinely concerned about their wellbeing. Given that we spend so much time at work and it […]

  3. maths skills

    Need help refreshing your maths skills?

    If you’re a student at CAW Business School and think you could use some extra help to refresh your maths skills, look no further. We now have some additional resources available to help you in your studies! The resources are some short lesson capture videos that are available for students to access on the VLE […]

  4. Mental health

    Health and Fitness Tip of the Month: Mental Health

    According to the NHS, one in four of us will suffer from mental health problems at some point in our lives. With 7.8% of people in the UK meeting the criteria for diagnosis of mixed anxiety and depression; this makes it the most common mental health issue in the UK. With such high numbers of people being affected […]

  5. picture of roulette wheel

    Are you playing communication roulette?

    I’m sure there are times when you have felt like it doesn’t matter what you say as no-one is listening to you, but someone is always listening. The real question is ‘does what you say get interpreted in the way you want it to?’ You may have become a team leader because you are the […]