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  1. autumn leaves - health and fitness tips

    Health and Fitness Tips of the Month: October

    Stoptober Did you know smoking is the biggest cause of death and illness in the UK? 1 cigarette contains around 4800 chemicals; only 69 are known. Smoking can cause unrepairable damage to our lungs which make it harder for smokers to breathe. Passive smoking is dangerous because although you can’t see the smoke the chemicals […]

  2. world food day competition

    E&D Competition of the Month: World Food Day (16 October)

    This month’s prize competition topic is World Food Day – enter and be in with a chance to win a £20 amazon voucher! World Food Day, celebrated on 16 October, is an annual worldwide day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. The focus of the day is to promote food as a basic and fundamental human right, […]

  3. man holding a mini globe - language learning

    European Day of Languages (26 September) – Broaden your horizons, learn a language!

    Learning a new language takes time and commitment, but offers a rewarding set of advantages to your mental health. Studies show that bilingualism improves memory, organisational skills and performance in other academic areas. The process of learning a new language can also help you to understand your own native language in more depth. Why not take on […]

  4. World's Biggest Coffee Morning logo

    World’s Biggest Coffee Morning – Help us raise money on Monday 25 September!

    Each year, the world’s biggest coffee morning raises vital money for Macmillan Cancer Support to help people and their families who are facing cancer. Almost everyone will have been affected by cancer – either on a person basis, or via a family member, friend or colleague. Last year alone £29.5 million was raised across the […]

  5. group of people in a meeting - how to disagree at work blog

    How to disagree without being disagreeable…

    Having disagreements with co-workers is a common part of working life. Heated debates are inevitable when you have many different voices at the table, who each look at the world from a different perspective. But having a disagreement with someone is no excuse to abandon politeness and respect. Refusing to look at something from another […]