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As a creative developer and passionate technologist, I write for other like minded people by reflecting on what I have learnt and what I see around me. I’m a Media Development Manager, specialising in web/graphic design and online marketing.

  1. Green Heart Day

    Show your love for the environment this february

    This Valentine’s Day we are encouraging all staff and students to make a green heart to show their support for all the causes helping to protect the world from climate change. Make an origami heart (view the origami heart tutorial here or a video here) and write your personal environmental message inside, for example: Environmental causes […]

  2. Expand and grow your business – we’ll show you how

    Wanting to expand or grow your own business? Maybe you’d like advice on utilising your current resources in preparation for the next step. This is where CAW can help. CAW Business School will be hosting their first Business Builder conference in Godmanchester on Saturday 4th June, 2016. This one day conference will provide you with […]