Facebook Tips Roundup – August/September 2017

Posted: 4 September 2017 at 9:30 am | Author: Alison German

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Interview Tips

Attending interviews never seem to get any easier, no matter how many you go to. But this is the opportunity to show the employer what you have to offer, and demonstrate how your skills and experience match the role advertised. It is also your chance to get a feel for the employer and find out whether you see yourself working for them. Remember – you’ve made it this far, so it is important you take all the advice you can and make a good first impression.

Get ready ahead of time!

Don’t wait until the morning of the interview to arrange an interview outfit, print out extra copies of the job description and CV, or find a notepad and pen; all of this needs to be done the night before so you that you’re a prepared before the interview!

Put the phone away!

Your phone can be a distraction at the best of times; you should make sure your phone is turned off, in order to avoid – BUZZ BUZZ – being disturbed in the middle of your interview.

Stop fidgeting!

Remember that your body language says as much about you as your answers to the questions do; so try to stay calm! Put that water bottle and pen out of arms reach, so you’re only using it when needed, rather than fidgeting out of nerves.

Cover the basics!

Consider the most common questions you are likely to receive at interview, so that you’re not stuck for something to say. What can you tell me about yourself? Can you list your strengths? Why should we hire you? You know the drill!

Study Tips

Take study into your own hands!

Why not make your own study materials, rather than relying on other sources? Make up your own exam questions, or create flash cards to help you review your work. This is a great method for retention, as you go over the material again and again: once when making the study materials, and then every time you use them to revise!

Get help!

Enlist the help of those closest to you to get the most out of studying! Group studying, getting someone to test you and contributing to online forums are all great ways to mix up your study routine – just make sure you choose a group of people who are serious about studying. Chances are you will learn something new from your study buddies, or make a new discovery you would never have considered without help and guidance!

Get the timing right!

It is said that absorbing information a few hours before bed is the most effective time for retaining what you learn, but we are all different. Some people learn better in the morning, whereas night owls will be more productive after the sun sets. Work out what suits you best, and stick with it! Why not set aside one ‘power hour’ each day, dedicated to study and revision?

Google is your friend!

There is a reason why Google is the biggest search engine in the world. It holds the answers to many problems, and could be the answer to your academic woes! If you’re struggling with a question or topic, see what Google can come up with to help you. You never know, you could find anything from past tests and revision guides, to blogs and step-by-step tutorials.

Management Tips

Don’t be a stranger!

Understanding how different staff members respond to different management techniques comes with effective communication. This can’t be done if you’re simply a name below an email, or an elusive figure shut behind a door in the office. It is important to spend time to get to know your staff; understanding what engages them in the workplace will then follow naturally.

Understand the business!

From business development and culture, to HR and finance; you should keep up with what is happening across the business, so that you are able to give informed direction to employees who come to you for help and advice. You can do this by spending more time with senior leaders and asking questions regularly

Compassion comes first!

Sometimes employees do not perform as well as they can, or targets and goals are missed. Instead of jumping to conclusions or resorting to warnings when this happens, be empathetic and try to get to the bottom of what went wrong. We are all human, and there may be more to it than you think!

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