AAT Apprenticeship or University – Which is best for you?

Posted: 3 July 2018 at 12:54 pm | Author: Lauren Daws

Are you interested in becoming an accountant or working in finance? If so, you might want to consider an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification. It will allow you to gain practical skills and knowledge, work experience, a wage and a qualification – all at the same time!

So, why could an AAT apprenticeship be better for you than university?

  1. No debt!

Studying an AAT apprenticeship will allow you to gain your qualification without having to worry about debt looming over your head. Not only will you be earning a wage, but your employer will also cover your course fees, meaning you have nothing to pay! What’s more, many apprentices end up staying with their employer after completing their apprenticeship and go on to work their way up the career ladder. According to research by the National Apprenticeship Service, 85% of apprentices will remain in employment after completing their qualification.


  1. Earn money on-the-job!

If you’re not sure whether or not an AAT apprenticeship is right for you, considering the financial benefits could help you to make up your mind. When starting employment, you’ll start earning a wage immediately. On average an apprentice will earn around £170 per week.


  1. You’ll get a trusted, industry recognised qualification!

AAT qualifications are recognised globally, making them a valuable addition to your CV! Since the courses have been developed alongside employers, you’ll get the most relevant and up-to-date skills required by the industry. These include things such as managing finances, budgets and cash flow.


  1. You’ll gain experience and get the chance to network with professionals!

Working at the same time as studying for your qualification will give you a wide range of experience. You’ll also get the chance to meet lots of professionals in the industry who will be able to give you valuable advice.


  1. You can always go to university later on – with exemptions!

Many people can’t wait until they get the chance to go to university. But choosing to study an apprenticeship instead doesn’t mean you can’t go to university later on in your life! Completing the Higher Accounting Apprenticeship gives you exemptions from certain finance and accounting degrees. Meaning that (depending on the course) if you want to continue your studies, you might be able to transfer credits and fast track to the right level on a degree!


So, if you think an AAT Accounting Apprenticeship could be the right move for you, take a look below at some of the courses we have to offer…

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