Do you play the blame game?

Posted: 17 March 2016 at 3:35 pm | Author: Laura Morris

Have you ever given much thought as to why there are certain policies and procedures in place in your workplace? Now, some may well be there for a very good reason, such as in a medical environment it could be necessary to have allergies to medicines listed in a particular place. This prevents no-one gets given the wrong medicine leading to devastating effects.  However some polices can seem particularly restrictive or like you have to jump through so many pieces of red tape just to achieve a simple outcome.

Some processes seem to be particularly tedious and only exist for the purpose of tracking information, information such as who has done what, when and why. Perhaps the cynical amongst us may consider the fact that some processes are only there in order to be able to identify who is guilty in the event of failure?

Consider how much time is taken up  in adhering to the processes in place – is too much time being spent writing reports and logging information rather than actually focusing on the end goal? Do we really care more about where we can place the blame, just in case of failure, rather than creating the best conditions possible to succeed?

It might be worth reviewing the processes your company has in place and ensuring that there is a legitimate reason for the process, that is going to positively contribute towards your company objective, rather than existing just to be able to identify who to blame in case the goal is never achieved.

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