What’s Your Problem?

Posted: 17 August 2015 at 1:45 pm | Author: Laura Morris

We all have problem areas within our business or issues we need advice on,  but where do we go to seek guidance?

Of course in some cases there are professionals that might be our first port of call. For example, external accountants are ideal to handle a financial concern, and a solicitor is your best choice for help with a legal aspect, but who what do we do when there is a strategic decision to make?

If you are in a larger organisation, you may have experts within your company that you are lucky enough to be able to bounce ideas off. Unfortunately many smaller companies or individual business owners are not so fortunate. Is there a solution? Absolutely – attendance at your local networking group or business event.

Just last week CAW Business School attended an amazing networking group in Godmanchester where each member out forward an area that they needed some advice on, and received vast amounts of feedback and support from the other members.

The issues raised covered a wide spectrum. One business was looking to specialise in order to differentiate their business within a competitive industry, and another was seeking advice on how to utlise their current contacts to publicise a new website.

The event was a huge success, with everyone taking away some new ideas or inspiration to move forward with. One thing it did make clear was the importance of networking with other like-minded people.

The vast majority of business owners are keen to believe that they are unique and the issues the face are exclusive to them alone. However, frequently this is not the case.

Don’t undervalue those around you, as they might just be able to provide you with the advice you’ve been looking for!

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