Don’t underestimate the opportunities you can offer

Posted: 11 May 2016 at 2:31 pm | Author: Laura Morris

Have you ever felt that what you do is just common sense and doesn’t require specific training? What you are likely failing to realise is that just because something is simple to you, doesn’t mean that everyone else would automatically know how to do it!

Recently a prospective apprenticeship employer said that the job that they had available wasn’t a job that would enable an individual to work towards a qualification because it was too straightforward. However the role in question was for an ‘Office Assistant’ and would have been a perfect opportunity for a Business Administration apprentice, the employer was just underestimating the knowledge and skills involved.

Take a minute to consider the things that other people do that seem difficult to you. For example to some people social media may be an alien concept or running one mile is seemingly impossible but these are easy or mundane activities to others.

Never automatically assume that other people think the way you do or are able to do the things you can. The Business Administration apprenticeship includes a whole host of topics such as communication in a business environment, producing minutes of meetings and collating data. The topics covered can even be selected to meet the role you have to offer. The chance for someone new to an administration role to learn these skills, whilst gaining a qualification could mean the world. So don’t underestimate the opportunity your company can provide.

To find out more about offering an apprenticeship please email or call 01480 422060.


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