Three mistakes you’re likely to make when aiming for promotion

Posted: 15 April 2016 at 12:53 pm | Author: Laura Morris

Are you wondering why you are not getting a promotion? Think you are doing everything right yet your still not moving up the career ladder? It’s just possible that you are making at least one of these classic errors!

Not asking for a promotion

You know you want a promotion, your friends know you want a promotion, but does your boss know? It is essential that you actually make your boss aware that you want to be considered for any opportunities that arise. You’ve got to be in it, to win it, as they say!

Don’t be afraid to stand out from your colleagues by making it clear you want to progress, but ensure that you still continue to be a team player!

Asking for your own benefit

So you want a promotion, but what value does this bring to your boss, and to the business? To help secure a promotion you need to make it advantageous to everyone involved. Consider what new tasks you can take on and understand the impact of these to management.

Perhaps it will improve team efficiency or even free up other management so they can focus on other tasks to develop the business. Putting forward a business case that can actually result in a positive impact on the businesses bottom line is likely to be better received!

Pointing out problems

You may think you are being proactive in demonstrating your understanding of why something won’t go to plan but this is likely to mean you are coming across a negative influence. Try a more positive approach and proving your ability by offering solutions instead. Even better, try to anticipate the potential needs and show your initiative by having a solution before the question is officially asked!


Reflecting on the above doesn’t guarantee you a promotion but it will certainly help. If you really are looking to move up the career ladder then persevere when faced with challenges and don’t forget, you can always speak to your boss about what else you can be doing to improve your chances.

To get prepared for your promotion, consider studying a leadership and management qualification. This can, not only increase your chances of promotion, it will mean when you do get promoted you will be confident and can hit the ground running!

To find out more about CAW Business School Leadership and  Management courses click here or contact us on 01480 422060.

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