Is your work a positive place?

Posted: 19 July 2016 at 10:55 am | Author: Laura Morris

Think about when you walk into the office on a Monday morning. Do you get greeted by smiles or grumbles about being back to work? Now go on to consider how this reaction impacts upon your own start to the day.

No matter how much of a self-driven individual you are what goes on around you is likely to affect your own emotions. The challenge is to do what you can to not get dragged down by these energy-sucking individuals!

As an employee there are a couple of things you can do.

  • Concentrate on controlling your own attitude
    When hearing a negative comment you can choose how you respond. Think about what positive responses you can give. For example, if someone is complaining about their work load, yes, you can sympathise and say how horrible it must be etc. or alternatively you could respond by saying how it is a good thing as they are such a valued member of the team and how they have been given the responsibilities because they are trusted and valued. Don’t be that person who takes the fun out of the office by moaning – create your own positive bubble around you and you might just be amazed by how many people want to join you!
  • Communicate effectively with your colleagues
    If your colleague has done a good job – tell them! Management should be giving regular feedback but that doesn’t mean you can’t too! Make sure you thank the person that has gone above and beyond to help you out. Stay out of any coffee machine gossip or lunch time rants, if you have any issues with a particular individual then take them aside and discuss it professionally.

Reading this and you are also a Manager? There are so many things that you can do to encourage positivity in the workplace that go beyond the scope of this article, but as a minimum make sure you lead by example and follow the tips above too!

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