Which camp are you in?

Posted: 1 July 2016 at 11:38 am | Author: Laura Morris

With all the panic that has ensued from ‘Brexit’ it appears that reactions seem to fall into three distinct camps:

Satisfied – With a majority vote of course there are going to be those that are happy with the result and eagerly awaiting the exit from the EU.

Angry – These are the people that you see ranting about the result, primarily via social media channels and are display a level of disbelief in the outcome of the referendum.

Opportunists – For many the result was not what was expected but this group are remaining positive and seeing the outcome as an opportunity for change.

Whichever group you are in it is important to remember that all business are in this together and it is how we unite that matters!

Hate crimes, falling out with friends over divided opinions and arguing over the result is not going to lead Britain forward into a successful chapter. Whether you voted in, or out, a positive attitude is more likely to bring positive results.

As business owners and managers it is important to lead your own team forward through any potential changes and openly discuss the impacts these may have. The key to successful leadership is successful communication and with this hopefully a successful team and outcome.

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