Could you cope without your emails?

Posted: 10 October 2016 at 10:49 am | Author: Laura Morris

Oh no it’s a disaster! There is an issue with the company server and you can’t send, or receive, any emails. Wait a second, is it really as bad as it seems? Could this blip really be a blessing in disguise?

Is the continuous stream of emails arriving in you inbox a distraction? How often do you find yourself part way through a task only to be interrupted by someone sending an important (!) email? This is frustrating in itself, even more so when you read the email which doesn’t even warrant a ‘!’ in the first place.

Being forced to take a break from the noise of emails means you can actually focus on the task at hand. Sure, perhaps there are instances when you want to respond but have to wait until things are up and running again before you can reply, but let’s face it, this isn’t going to last forever; I’m sure the tech wizards will fix it in no time! If something really is that important and can’t wait, there is always an alternative – use the telephone to call someone (a rare occurrence it seems!).

If you want to speak to a colleague, consider actually walking across the office and holding a conversation rather than emailing them. This may even work in your favour and mean you get a quicker response, at the least it gives you a chance to get away from your computer. It might even help to strengthen internal relationships and improve communication.

Therefore, if in the future your emails go down, don’t get frustrated – make the most of the break you’ve been given and crack on!



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