It’s not about what you want!

Posted: 16 February 2015 at 9:06 am | Author: Laura Morris

One of the first key lessons in sales that is important to learn, when you are trying to make a sale – it’s not about what you want! Have you in mind exactly what service or product it is that you are trying to persuade a client they need?

If you are trying to persuade a potential client they need something specific then you are unlikely to close your sale. You need to find out what the individual wants first, and then find a solution that will meet their need.

Trying to persuade someone that they need something that actually does nothing to help them will only irritate your prospect and damage any potential future relationship. You need to listen to them and respect their perspective. Often by asking open questions such as what they currently do, what is their purpose for this, why they choose to use the service or product they currently do will actually result in a much more open discussion.

Keeping an open mind is important too. If you have a certain product or service in mind to sell then the chances are you won’t pick up on other signals that your prospect is giving you. The ability to listen and interpret can be an under-valued skill by some sales people.

Don’t be disheartened if someone doesn’t seem interested in your initial offer, dig deeper and find out why this is. It may actually unearth an opportunity that is even greater than what you initially anticipated.

Being honest is important, if you can’t help your prospect with what they need right there and then, that doesn’t mean that you will never do business with that particular company or individual. By admitting to the potential client that you are not best placed to assist them in this instance you will develop a far great level of respect. Trying to force a square peg through a round hole never did anyone any good – it just wastes everyone’s time!

To build better relationships with your prospects and increase the chances of closing a deal remember to find out what they want by following the simple steps below:

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