LGBT History Month – How can you get involved?

Posted: 26 February 2018 at 11:32 am | Author: Lauren Daws

February is LGBT history month, and this year’s theme is ‘Geography-mapping the world’ and is all about OUTing the past! The badge for this year, designed by Cristian-Emanuel Buda, features two compasses facing each other; which he says demonstrates LGBT people finding their way in the world, whether it is accepting of them or not.


Remembering the past

This LGBT history month, we will be remembering the passing of Section 28, which stopped councils from ‘intentionally promoting homosexuality’ in schools or other areas of work. It is important to remember this event on its 30th anniversary because while we have come a long way since the act was passed, we still have a long way to go.

We will also be commemorating the 40th anniversary of the murder of Harvey Milk, the USA’s first out-gay elected councillor, who was shot and killed by a former colleague. More information about Harvey Milk can be found by clicking here. 

Get involved in the workplace

Stonewall are a company who campaign for the equality of LGBT people across the UK and believe that “people perform better when they can be themselves”.

Stonewall have many resources available to help you ensure that your workplace is as inclusive as it can possibly be, including:

  • Guidance and research reports, which can be put up around your workplace
  • Awareness raising events that can be held at your company
  • Conferences and events that you can attend, such as ‘Equality dinner 2018’

They also have a Workplace Equality Index, which allows you to monitor your progression on LGBT equality in the workplace.

The index allows members of staff to anonymously fill out a survey in regards to their experiences of equality and diversity at work. After this, the employer will receive a score that indicates to them what is working and what might need more focus, and what’s more, the best 100 performing organisations are publicly celebrated!

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