Struggling to stay motivated?

Posted: 22 November 2016 at 11:16 am | Author: Laura Morris

It can be hard to stay motivated, particularly with the dark wintry days that are upon us. However don’t despair there are things that you can do to give yourself that much needed boost! Whilst you may not have full control of your situation, you do have full control as to how you choose to react to it. Here are a few simple tips to consider:

Create a flow
Start by just getting going; it doesn’t have to be starting a major task, something small will do! Make a decision to begin even a small or mundane task such as tidying your desk or deleting junk email. This will start a chain of events and you will build up to starting the more complex tasks.

Be kind to yourself
Not every day will be your best day. Sometimes other things in life will get in the way; you might feel ill or extra tired. Now and again acknowledge this and don’t expect too much from yourself on this particular day. Grab yourself your favourite drink or treat and crack on with clearing some of the simpler things you need to do. This will make way for the more challenging tasks the following day when you are back on track.

Find positive people
Keep motivated by being around other motivated people! Have a chat or coffee with an enthusiastic co-worker. Make time for short brainstorming session or consider attending a local networking meeting to have some time away from your desk to share ideas with some like-minded professionals.

Write down your goals
Getting down on paper what it is you are aspiring to achieve makes it seem more realistic and also makes you more accountable. Spend some time figuring out what it is you need to do to reach your goals and then get going on working your way towards it. Most people love that feeling off crossing off an item on their ‘To Do List’!

Work out why
Do you know why is it you do what you do? Without understanding this all tasks are going to seem like such a chore! Are you intrinsically motivated i.e. you work for your own personal satisfaction, you enjoy what you do; perhaps finding it fun or interested. Alternatively is it extrinsic motivation that gets you out of bed? Do you work for a reward such as the money or perhaps you’re striving for a qualification? Knowing what it is that motivates you can help to change your view of completing a task from an obligation to completing it for a reason.

A good attitude is everything when it comes to staying motivated. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t rely on someone else to keep your motivation levels up, you need to be responsible for this yourself. Practice these tips above and develop your own mechanisms and you can give yourself the inspiration you need.

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